Decorate your spaces with prints

Do you want to rejuvenate and renovate your home?

If you like living in a beautiful and design home like the latest trends in home solutions, then furnish and decorate with wallpapers and prints. Consult the category of photo murals and you'll find lively solutions for children's bedrooms, proposals for 3D prints for the living room, living room, kitchen or your business to make optically enlarged and modern all environments.

With a wallpaper you will give a new living comfort and at the same time, spending little compared to the costs of a normal renovation will give a new light to your home.

On MFSTORE you will find many motifs, from floral to vintage or retro, from abstract to modern art and much more.

Choosing the right one for your furniture, you will be surprised and learn the potential, beauty and usefulness of these solutions even for DIY lovers.

orologi da parete

The paintings on acrylic glass make a room more prestigious. Ideal for the bathroom, office, living room and other elegant environments. Thanks to its impermeability it becomes easy to clean for all people.

Decorazione, illuminazione e arredamento da giardino

The cork paintings are useful for those who love to decorate with innovative solutions and to be used in a professional way. For example, if you choose a map as a theme, thanks to the cork base, you can insert pins on the cork base to identify places, countries or to block a note.

Gift ideas for every occasion

MF store was created to offer its customers gift ideas and objects that are functional and, why not, also fun for those who receive them. Whether the recipient is an adult or a child, a woman or a man it is very likely that here you will find the right solution choosing from over 60,000 products in 13 different categories

Baptism, communion, confirmation, birthday, graduation, celibacy, bachelorette, marriage and so on, by consulting our catalog, comfortably seated, you can have that inspiration that will make the ceremony or the party a truly special event.

You can also find the right item for the person, for the animals, for the garden or for the home useful perhaps to personalize your lifestyle or simply the design of an environment.

Bricolage e ferramenta

If you don't know how to make children paint with numbers, visit this category and you will find a new artistic way to bring children closer to painting. Spend fantastic moments that you will never forget.

You can also find your artistic side in the kits to paint with numbers for adults and also involve that of children with creativity and imagination.

Bricolage e ferramenta

E-shop also dedicated to scratching maps to furnish and decorate your office or your personal room. Scratching, you will discover the countries you want to distinguish based on your work experiences, vacations, entrepreneurial missions or what you want.

Solution to decorate those who love to personalize their office or a room in your home.

sconto regali natale 2018

Sconto speciale su ogni acquisto.

Registrandoti e acquistando dal nostro sito riceverai uno sconto del 3% su ogni carrello. Non perdere l'occasione di un regalo conveniente per il tuo bambino, il tuo uomo o la tua donna.

Wide range of tools and objects for those who love cooking, preparing desserts but also serving drinks and foods with a touch of originality. A whole section for wine lovers, and drink with friends. Many gift ideas for the housewife or for those who live the kitchen with passion and creativity.

Keep up with the technology. In this section you will find everything you need to configure or update your PC. Latest generation notebooks and computers ready. Peripherals and Consumables, Telephony, HD and 4K TVs, audio speakers and lots of news for a computer and electronics enthusiast.

What makes the difference in the style of women and men is detail. A detail, a touch of color, a reflection, the right accessory like a watch and a pair of sunglasses can best express the personality and character of the wearer.

To be beautiful and relaxed it is not enough just a good diet and physical activity, some help for the skin of the face and body, for the hair of men and women, certainly not bad. In addition, even solutions to improve sleep, relieve leg fatigue and correct posture can improve our general well-being.

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